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Press Button on Beidou 21 Enterprises of the Beidou Industrial Chain Gather Spotlights

日博365体育在线 2017-08-17 11:28:27

       According to the exhibition department of the Organization Committee Office of China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo, this session of the expo will bring together some 700 high-tech enterprises from over 20 countries and regions, with 21 enterprises of the Beidou industry chain being on display on the exhibition area of the Beidou satellite industry. These enterprises will come with their latest products to engage in business negotiation to boost industrial cooperation.

       “When it comes to exhibition planning, the Organization Committee has devoted more energy to the display of the industrial chain, and deeper integration of enterprises and industries.” According to the responsible person of the exhibition department of the Organization Committee, this session will take up 1,600 square meters of the exhibition area of the Beidou satellite industry. Great efforts will be made to invite enterprises with their latest technical offerings of the upstream and downstream of the Beidou satellite industry chain for display and further engagement.

       Leading players to be present at the High-Tech Expo include: Shanghai ComNav, Haige BeidouHwa Create TechnologyXing Yu Xin Lian, Beidou Satellite of China, Changsha Technology Research Institute of Beidou Industry Safety, High Gain, and techtotop.       It worths mentioning that, in response to the appeal of exhibitors and under the sponsorship of relevant parties, the Organization Committee has invited National Geomatics Center of China, Sichuan Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, and other institutions of the industrial chain for display and business engagement.

At this session of High-Tech Expo, enterprises of the Beidou industry chain will exhibit high precision indoor and outdoor integrated positioning system, Beidou cluster data transmission terminal, shipborne satellite terminal, Beidou iFarm autopilot system, multi-beam simulator, navigation terminal detector, prevention and control system of portable UAV, and all sorts of other high-tech exhibits and scientific deliverables. During the session, the relevant events on offer also include Professional Forum of the Beidou Industry, the promotion, engagement, and negotiation among leading exhibitors, which will promote synergy and cooperation of industrial projects, and boost the commercialization of scientific and technological outcomes.


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