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When "Civil-Military Integration" Meets "Intellectual Property Finance"—Integration Accelerating Innovation

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Amid the context of deepening the strategies of developing China through intellectual properties, innovation and civil-military integration and accelerating the development of Mianyang economic belt, the 2017 China Civil-Military Integration Intellectual Property Finance Summit will soon be launched during the Fifth China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo (the "High-Tech Expo"), the first summit featuring both "civil-military integration" and "intellectual property finance". Co-sponsored by Mianyang Science and Technology & Intellectual Property Bureau and WTOIP Group and organized by and, the Summit will be held in the Innovation Center, Mianyang Science and Technology Innovation Park in the afternoon of September 8. 

A get-together of experts

Cross-discipline wisdom becomes the new "seasoning" of innovation

The Summit will attract close to a thousand representatives from government departments, private enterprises that have been transformed from military ones, military enterprises with private shareholding, intellectual property (IP) operation platforms, IP service agencies, and industry experts and scholars. They will gather together and jointly discuss IP utilization in the context of civil-military integration and long-term vision for the development of intellectual property finance, in a hope to reach feasible consensuses in terms of top design, policy implementation, market education and other aspects and to radiate entire China with a base in Mianyang.

The Summit has keynote speeches, roundtable forum, and other links. Heavyweight figures will be present at the Summit, such as Tang Yongjian, authoritative expert in the civil-military integration field and President of Sichuan Civil-Military Integration Institute, Xie Xuhui, senior IP operation expert, IAM Strategy 300-The World's Leading IP Strategists and Chairman of and, Xie Daxiong, ZTE Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Ren Kelei, General Counsel of Overseas Chinese Town Group, etc. The experts will carry out in-depth discussions with regard to "how to promote the transfer and industrial development of enterprise intellectual properties in the context of civil-military integration", "how to set up the long-acting two-way interconnection mechanism for military-civil intellectual properties", "how to promote civil-military integration through intellectual property finance", etc.

Two keywords

Create the intellectual property finance "specialty" of the Expo

The theme of the Summit is "Boosting Civil-Military Integration with Intellectual Property Finance", so civil-military integration and intellectual property finance are the two keywords of the Summit. This is China's first high-level forum on this subject, while the two keywords have both touched on important national strategies in the new economy era. 

Civil-military integration, as a strategy of rejuvenating the country and empowering the army, is related to national strategy and macro development. Specific embodiment of civil-military integration is the conversion of military into civil use and private shareholding in military corporations. In 2015, civil-military integration was defined as a national strategy. As China's only science and technology city and an important national defense and military R&D and production base, Mianyang shoulders the "national mission" of exploring paths and accumulating experience for deepening the implementation of civil-military integration, innovation driven and other major national strategies and making demonstrations. Strengthening the rights confirmation and transaction transfer of intellectual properties is conducive to the marketization of military innovative achievements.

Intellectual property finance combines intellectual property and finance. Intellectual property is a strategic resource for national development and core element for international competitiveness, while finance is the core of modern economy. China promulgated the Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy, stressing to implement the national intellectual property strategy. The Outline prescribes to construct China into a relatively advanced country in terms of IP creation, utilization, protection and management by the year 2020. In addition, "innovative intellectual property financial service" is enlisted as an important special item in the "Thirteenth Five-year Plan" for the first time. Military enterprises boast most intensive, active and advanced innovation achievements, so how to tap advantages of their IP resources and fully unleash their vitality is a core issue during the conversion of military results into civil use. Intellectual property finance can provide IP pledge financing, securitization and other services for enterprises. So its appearance is right on time and may become a new channel of enterprise financing.

Under the combination of these two keywords, the Summit will become a "specialty" of this Expo catering to local circumstances and current trends.

Powerful "chefs"

Accelerating the innovation of scientific and technological enterprises with "intellectual property + finance"

It is reported that the Summit will be sponsored by WTOIP Group, the global leading IP service agency that has two platforms: and provides whole industry chain services including basic IP services and IP transaction services via the method of "Internet + sharing economy + intellectual property", so as to interconnect domestic and overseas resources ad build a world-renowned IP business ecosystem. Currently the platform has several hundreds of thousands of partners both at home and abroad. is China's first Internet intellectual property finance platform and has created an IP financial service model for scientific and technological SMEs that covers the entire industry chain and all time segments. Centering on IP pledge financing service, the platform expands the financing channels for scientific and technological SMEs, to help them get out of the predicament of difficult and costly financing. 

Before, the IP Monetization and Commercialization Forum, IP Monetization and Commercialization Festival and IP Business Summit have already been held in Los Angeles, Suzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou, with many successful experiences, greatly promoting the commercial, industrial, financial, and life-oriented development of intellectual property.

The Civil-Military Integration Intellectual Property Finance Summit this time will explore feasible and replicable experience for the in-depth integration between intellectual property finance and civil-military integration, hence releasing the innovation advantages of military technologies and activating the innovation gene of military enterprises. The Summit will also expand the financing channels of technology innovation enterprises, accelerate the development of Mianyang economic belt, and help more military enterprises like Changhong and Jezetek to realize the successful transformation of "military into civil" and "private shareholding". This will inject strong vitality into regional development and achieve win-win.


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